A fresh approach to creating the brands of tomorrow.

Brandologi’s team of dedicated creatives have an unrivalled energy and passion for creating brands that live and breathe in the millennial generation.

The anatomy of Brandologi

Brandologi is team of youthful, intelligent and dedicated creatives who have an unrivalled energy and passion for creating brands that live and breathe in the millennial generation. We build identities and tell stories through branding, print, photography & film and digital using strategic thinking and meticulous attention to detail. With all this in mind, we decided to build our business around a name that was strong, unique and rich in meaning.

Brandologi Logo

what we do:

We create breathtaking BRAND solutions that tell our clients’ stories in a visually compelling way that truly connects and engages.

Brandologi Logo

how we do it:

We harmoniously blend cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY and modern design trends and techniques that instruct, inform and inspire.

Building our global reach

Throughout our careers we have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients locally and globally. Our list of clients goes from industry giants such as Dell, Virgin Atlantic and J.P.Morgan to smaller start-up’s in the likes of Just-Eat (UK), Berwick Investment Wealth Management and CodeHub.

Our headquarters is based London, but we also have outreach in Atlanta in the USA, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

What makes us different

We Engage

Building relationships means more to us than simply building our client base. Personal connections creates trust and a strong working bond.

We Evolve

Design is a fast paced, highly fluid industry. As new and emerging trends develop we continue to grow with them to maintain our creative edge.

We Enlighten

Beyond just being visually pleasing, our work is designed to create emotional connections and stimulate innovation in modern print and digital design.

How we benefit you

We are a forward thinking collaborative design agency with a fresh and energetic approach. In other words, we offer something totally unique and something that a traditional agency cannot. We are clear and current and we are experts in Branding and Digital Design. We work with a wide range of brands and businesses, from small start-ups to global organisations looking to re-connect with their audience.

Put simply, Brandologi creates the brands for tomorrow.

Our core team

Brandologi Team

Dulu Miah

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


Dulu has over 18 years of global corporate experience with an extensive understanding of strategic, operational, commercial and external market factors faced by many small and medium sized businesses.

During his career, Dulu has worked with many highly successful start-up businesses as an Advisor, Investor and Partner, with a corporate career covering a wide range of sectors including fintech, eCommerce, asset management, private equity and corporate finance. Previously, Dulu was part of the JustEat UK founding team, as well as several years in HSBC’s Corporate Finance division.

Brandologi Team

Fitz Shillingford

Co-founder & Global Creative Director


Company Creative Director & Lead Designer, Fitz helped found Brandologi with a core focus on bringing a boutique approach to the design industry. He has spent the last 20 years developing his passion and skill set in branding, strategy, print and digital at an international level. Fitz thrives on pushing his projects and clients to achieve success through a forward thinking approach at the intersection of design and business.

Previously, Fitz has worked with renowned global brands such as BP, Visa, PepsiCo, Barclays, Virgin Atlantic, Dell and J.P. Morgan to name a few.

Brandologi Team

Mohammed Hussain

Managing Director & Partner


An experienced international communication consultant and pragmatist, Mohammed is steered by ideologies but driven by solutions. Mohammed joined our core leadership team in 2019 with the objective of becoming an integrated creative resource to clients primarily in the Middle East.

Empowered with Mohammed’s invaluable business acumen, Brandologi continues to successfully build seamless connections between strategy and creativity while demonstrating key conceptual thinking and craftsmanship. His visionary approach enables us to consistently transform our brand communication into a process that is both efficient and effective and his strategic work and thought leadership have been valued across key media titles and mentorship outreach events.

Brandologi Team

Hasan Mehedi

senior digital consultant


Hasan is an expert web developer and development team leader who is driven to create web experiences that both delight users and solving client problems. Hasan has extensive professional knowledge of all major web-based programming languages and his experience covers everything from designing and building custom back-end solutions to implementing existing front-end technologies – all while learning, testing and applying new techniques.

In the last 7 years, Hasan has developed a plethora of websites for start-up companies and small businesses using Bootstrap, Wordpress and Shopify. He joined Brandologi’s Core Team in December 2019 as a senior consultant to help support their UI/UX designers, product managers and other team members to deliver products to their highest standard.

Our clients

We specialise in the creation of visual communication for new and existing brands through all aspects of our creative services:

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Brandologi Client
Brandologi Client
Brandologi Client
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